Ambush at Cavern Cove 2012

June 14, 2021

Held September 29-October 2, 2012, the 16th Annual Ambush at Cavern Cove once again played host to the Alabama State Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting. The Shooter's Book is still laid out a bit strange, with the two pages dedicated to the ever popular costume contest splitting the three pages of match rules (not including the pocket RO card in the back of the book).

The North Alabama Regulators, lead by President Lawman Mark, Vice President El Camino, Territorial Governor Marshal TKD, Stage Marshal Tuff Stuff, Property Marshal Lickskillet Charley, Awards Marshal Granna, Treasurer Shez Lethal, Secretary Drake Robey, Range Marshal Badger McNeely continued their Ambush traditions and included additional help from Diamond Deb, Andrew Quigley, Uncle Frank, Blue Wolf, and Huckleberry Moonshine.

There was no real theme for this year's match, but the book included cute vignettes to occupy your time and set the scene prior to each stage. Another thing that I found interesting...on 6 stages, the shooter had the option of ending with the rifle. On another stage, the shooter MUST end with the rifle. While not expressly prohibited, the practice of ending with the rifle is not encouraged and has pretty much gone the way of the Pony Express. Just interesting to see it here so much!

Side matches included Speed Rifle, Speed Pistol, Fastest 3 Gun, Speed Shotgun, 22 Shooting Gallery, Cherokee Charlie's Extreme Rim fire match, Wild Bunch Match, Black Powder Match, and the ever popular Cavern Cove Rimfire Cowboy Match.

I still do not have any results for any of these previous matches. However, I do know that Sidekick and Sugah were the Alabama state champions in 2012. Sidekick was also the top cowboy. There are a list of results also available in an archived post on the SASS Wire.

I hope our travel through the pages of the 2012 Ambush at Cavern Cove brings back a memory or two. And, as registrations continue to arrive for this year,s match, I sure hope that you have an opportunity to join us for this year's festivities.

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