Ambush at Cavern Cove 2014

July 12, 2021

While I was able to shoot Ambush back in 2013, Ambush 2014 was my first opportunity to shoot the main match. With all the buzz that surrounded the 2013 match and the fanfare that came from winning the 2013 SASS Match of the year, folks began to wonder, early on, how the North Alabama Regulators would top all the successes from the prior year.

Held October 2-5, the schedule for Ambush 2014 deviated greatly from how the match was historical run. Traditionally, Ambush featured a main match schedule consisting of 6 main match stages shot on Saturday with the final 4 shot on Sunday. However, Ambush 2014 would change all that with the main match moving where shooters would engage 5 stages on Friday and another 5 stages on Saturday. Ambush also played host to a hotly contested Top Gun Shoot Off early Sunday morning.

A lot had changed at the range since the last Ambush. The land owners cleared all the timber between stages 5 and 6 opening up the area for more long range shooting. Also removed was the old cemetery.

Not much had changed with the club over the last year with President- Lawman Mark, Vice President-Buck D Law, Territorial Governor- Marshal TKD, Stage Marshal- Ben T lron, Range Marshal- Lickskillet Charlie, Awards Marshal- Granna, Treasurer-Shez Lethal, Secretary-Drake Robey, and Property Marshal- Badger McNeely leading the way. Tullamore Dew, Tall Grass Assassin, Water Snake, and Uncle Frank also pitched in to help with various Ambush activities.

One of the biggest changes to the Shooter's Book, or dare I say to the match itself, was the fact that the costume contest was relegated to only one page in the shooter's book that year.

Side matches were left unchanged between 2013 and 2014 with Rimfire Cowboy Match, Speed Rifle, Speed Pistol, Fastest 3 Gun, Speed Shotgun, Wild Bunch Match, and Black Powder Match all being offered.

But everyone registers for and comes to the Main Match. Ben T Iron build upon many of the successes from the 2013 match with the return of 'No Miss Ned'. Also a highlight of the 2014 match was Stage 10 which featured 23 knockdown targets. Ben went to great lengths in the setup and calibration of targets for that stage, and, according to most, it was a hit! Additionally, the match provided a team of dedicated volunteers whose sole purpose was to reset the stage after each shooter.

While I do not have results from the match, I do know that Sidekick won the Alabama State Championship. It was his 9th Alabama Overall title and 6th in a row. Sugah took home the award for Alabama's top cowgirl. It was her fourth consecutive Alabama State Cowgirl crown. Prestidigitator was the overall match winner with Shamrock Sadie taking overall lady.

With just about three months to go before the 25th Annual Ambush, I am sure that there will be some new things added to the mix, just like we experienced at Ambush 2014. Have you signed up yet? If not, I hope you do real soon where we'll have a chance to meet and talk on The Firing Line.

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