Ambush at Cavern Cove 2016

August 09, 2021

As the calendar turned to another year, 2016 celebrated a major milestone for NAR and Ambush. With the excitement of celebrating the 20th Annual Ambush, some changes were made. The match again changed dates, however this time it was a major shift. Historically held the first weekend of October, Ambush 2016 moved up a month and was held over Labor Day weekend. The match schedule also changed again to where shooters would complete five stages on Saturday and five on Sunday instead of the traditional 6-4 format.

The 2016 of Ambush would be the 20th Annual event hosted by the Regulators. You could also consider it the 19th Anniversary of the 1st Ambush, which was shot in 1997. However, there was some confusion about all these facts. You'll see some of the issues on the awards and Shooter's Book. This was also the last year Ambush gave out challenge coins to registered participants.

The Shooter's Book was filled with all kinds of information that show us about some of the changes in SASS and NAR.

Several SASS rules changed between the 2015 and 2016 Ambush matches, however, several of the old rules remained in the Ambush Rules section of the Shooter's Book. Match officials did take the time to use a sharpie to mark out several outdated references in the pocket RO card, however they remained listed in the rules section.

Several new faces also dotted the NAR ranks with Our Board Of Directors: President- Marshal TKD, Vice President-Barkeep Casey, Territorial Governor- Badger McNeely, Stage Marshal- DeadLee Shooter, Range Marshal- Lickskillet Charlie, Awards Marshal- Scotch Before Noon, Treasurer-Water Snake, Secretary-Drake Robey, and Property Marshal- Hikes Point Hank now taking the mantle. Uncle Frank and Shooting D. Bullets also volunteered to help out with Ambush.

The Blast from the Past theme incorporated stage stories from Ambush matches over the past 19 years. Several folks fondly reminisced about these old matches. But while the storylines were brought forward from the past, the stages were not with Deadlee Shooter providing everyone with 10 great stages. With the return of 'No Miss Ned' for his fourth iteration and several fast sequences the match was completed in record time!

The match once again played host to the Alabama State Championship. With the change of dates, it was known ahead of time that Sidekick would not be able to attend Ambush that year. The field was set to crown a new Alabama State Men's champion with Double Nickle coming out on top. Alchemist Belle won the Alabama State Cowgirl title. Lead Ringer was the top cowboy with Slick's Sharpe Shooter claiming top cowgirl honors.

In a little over eight weeks, we'll be previewing the 2021 Ambush at Cavern Cove. I hope that you have signed up, picked your posse, made your reservations, and are all set to go. I just turned in our applications, so I know I'll be there, on The Firing Line.

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