Bushwhacked at Cavern Cove 2018

August 30, 2021

April 8, 2018 saw the return of Bushwhacked at Cavern Cove, the second annual Alabama State Black Powder Championship.

Going into this match, I remember being asked a couple months prior if I would be interested in writing the stages for the match. Respectfully, I declined. I honestly did not think that I had much to contribute on that front, nor did I really feel as if I wanted to volunteer.

Directed by Marshal TKD, the stages done by Double Nickle were done well with a good variety in the stage book. It also included a few winks and nods to Mel Brooks classic, Blazing Saddles. Drake Robey took of the scoring with Badger McNeely heading up the Safety detail. Of note, this was the first major match headed by Double Nickle.

The six stage match produced a lot of options for the shooters, and the good morning sun in the shooter's face is always a challenge at the Cove.

Little did anyone know, at the time, that this would be the second and final Bushwhacked at Cavern Cove.

I have never considered myself an elite shooter. Many time, if I finish in the top 10 at a local match, I consider myself lucky. Only once in a cowboy match, the 2014 Illinois State Black Powder match, had I ever won an overall match title before. But, after finishing second the year before, I was able to win the overall honors, narrowly edging out my good friend Barkeep Casey. Alchemist Belle claimed the top cowgirl honors as well as being the Alabama State Champion. So, as Bushwhacked began and ended, it was jotted down in the history books that my wife a I were lucky enough to repeat as Alabama State Champions the two years that Bushwhacked was held. Tell that to the gal at Starbucks and it still doesn't get you a free cup of coffee.

While the Alabama State Black Powder Championship may have come and gone, we will still have the opportunity for folks to win some hardware at Ambush this year. The four-stage black powder match is always a treat. I hope that you have a chance to join us this October for the match, where I'll see you on The Firing Line.

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