Shootout at Cavern Cove 2021

October 04, 2021

In the late summer of 2019, NAR President Marshal TKD and I talked a bit about out his vision for the 2020 Alabama State Match. With the 2019 Regional still months away, I was still not completely sure if I was ready for that match, let alone planning out the next one. Over the next couple of months, a match was born. One that was intended to pay homage to some Alabama State Matches of old, but still relate to how the game is played today.

Then COVID became a thing, eventually forcing the postponement of the match we planned and worked so hard to put together. There was a lot of work put into that match by a lot of folks, and it was not an easy decision.

In mid 2020, new officers dotted the ranks of the NAR board of directors, chief among them was the new president and Match Director, Buck D. Law. Joining Buck was Vice President–Barkeep Casey, Territorial Governor–Reno Mustang, Stage Marshal–Branchwater Jack, Range Marshal–Graywolf Tate, Awards Marshal–Toolman, Treasurer–Drake Robey, and Secretary–Big Iron Ranger.

Buck had his unique vision for the 2021 Alabama State Match. While I had initially hoped to pull forward the work that went into the match that was not to be, alas, it was just not meant to be.

Buck’s challenge to me—give this match its own identity, separate from the Regional—with Big & Close being the imperative. While you can't see it in the pages of the Shooter's Book, by all accounts, this match met Buck’s goal.

Having not crowned Alabama State Champions since 2019, Sidekick returned to win Overall and Alabama State Champion honors. Dodge City Dixie Was the Overall Top Cowgirl with Alchemist Belle finishing second behind her Claiming the title of Alabama State Champion - shooting Frontier Cartridge.

Shootout at Cavern Cove 2022 will feature the same 'BIG and close' setup, however the match will have a new date - April 28-30, 2022. Match applications have already started to come in for this match, so what are you waiting for? Get your application filled out and sent in today and we'll see you on The Firing Line!

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